Progress Update 001

I've made an Executive Decision that as well as releasing a standalone demo in October, I'm going to update the preview demo currently available, extending it quite a bit so it gives a better impression of the game, including implementing multiple endings. 

Currently, the actual JS/HTML/CSS implementation is pretty much finalised enough to be Good Enough for the demos. The save/load functionality will be redone in time for the final release (currently thinking that'll be late 2019), but the current one-slot autosave is enough for the needs of demos. 

Writing progress is thus:


  • the structure of the first half is finalised—the coarse flow of actions has been coded in. 
  • somewhere around half of the prose from the first iteration just needs to be cleaned up and can be added as-is.


  • has been plotted
  • still in the notebook-scribblings stage

All in all, it's rather slow going, as I'm currently dealing with some mass gatherings of existing brain weasels, but so far we're on track to have both demos released in October!

Now, for the requisite attempt to Humanise The Dev, here's some personal news! Tonight is Erev Rosh HaShanah and thus the start of the High Holy Days. I'll be taking Erev Yom Kippur and Yom Kippur off and spending the time at services. Repenting. I'm skipping the water fast this year, because I need to take medication and keep my blood pressure up, but I'll be abstaining from food. I managed to make it through all of Yom Kippur last year without collapsing, but I was feverish and hallucinating by the end of it, so here's hoping it goes better this year!

(Erev = "the evening of", roughly. Traditionally, Jewish days turn over at sunset. Hence, Shabbat actually starts Friday evening and ends Saturday evening. )

Shana Tova, and may you all be inscribed in the Book of Life!

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