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So! If you've been following my progress on this here narrative project, you'd have noticed I switched engines at least once already. Well, now I'm undoing that and switching back to ink implemented with JS and HTML/CSS, thus re-scoping from a traditional-ish Visual Novel to something that's more of an interactive novel not unlike the Choice of Games CYOAs or maybe a very long Twine game. This is for reasons of sanity and getting this damn thing done finally. 

This post is just a quick heads up so everyone knows what the status is, and hopefully it's also the first of many devlog posts. I'm going to work on regularly updating people with my progress, hopefully weekly but most likely twice a month or so. As well as topics directly related to the dev process, I'll be sharing worldbuilding and character trivia!

Now, moving on—

The current status is this: the ink JS/HTML/CSS implementation is working at the nuts and bolts level and the game UI has been redesigned and finalised:

I still have to style the menus properly and implement a content warning, but that's not going to take up more than a couple of days at the very worst. 

Meanwhile, the actual content is about 30% planned, and 0% written. That'll be my main focus for now: writing the damn thing. I aim to have a stand-alone demo that's an introduction to the main cast and some of the setting out in October 2018, tentatively October 21. The first-chapter preview will also be updated around that time.

After that? The plan is to run a Kickstarter to cover some necessary dev expenses, like font licenses and an OST commission. But that's still some time off—right now, I'm going to be focusing on producing prose.

Hope everyone's having a decent Tuesday! I'll be in touch again soon.

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