A downloadable visual novel for Windows, macOS, and Linux

In the capital of a rotting Empire, a bigender ex-rabbi and a flamboyant doctor-necromancer uncover a cult guilty of eldritch crimes against humanity. Following the cult's trail, they discover a conspiracy going all the way to the top, implicating the young Czar and his naive regent in the cult's atrocities. Impoverished and outcast, our heroes must not only stop the cult unleashing a reality-shattering malevolent force but also survive the cruel realities of life on the margins, protect their vulnerable found family and nurture their blossoming love for each other

Inspired by Slavic and Ashkenazi Jewish folklore, Russian Imperial history, weird fiction and queer culture, The Bitter Drop: 1. Sparrows is the first of a planned trilogy of Visual Novels. A preview text-only proof-of-concept is available for download right away, with further updates planned soon.


Download demo

The Bitter Drop 1: TEXT-ONLY DEMO (Windows) 36 MB
The Bitter Drop 1: TEXT-ONLY DEMO (MacOS) 135 MB
The Bitter Drop 1: TEXT-ONLY DEMO (Linux) 51 MB