You step into the shoes of Lev/Liubov Morgenshtern, a bigender writer living in the city of Svet-Dmitrin. You meet and get to know one Anzu Menelik, beautiful and mysterious.  A showcase of two characters, who might turn up in my other work later. 

Music is by the wonderful 4lung!

If you enjoyed the game, please consider reviewing it on IFDB!

(Small footnote: later games with the same setting/cast will likely not treat this one as canon, as the story has evolved since and required a more story-specific beginning, but enjoy this as a character piece nonetheless.)


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This game was absolutely beautiful. The visuals were stunning, inspiring me to think about ways to improve my own twines in progress. As a nonbinary transgender person, I adored the way that this character piece was about gender. I loved the unapologetic queerness of it. The worldbuilding was subtle but rich, and it just made me want to know more about everything. I hope I get the chance to see more of these characters. 

Awesome game! Thank you for sharing. I absolutely love the beautiful style of this game.

This was amazing and I really wished I could read more. I loved both of the characters so much, and all their interactions were so sweet. I'm gonna go replay with different choices now :)

thank you so much!!

and i guess this piece is non-canon to the story at large now, but lev is the narrator of The Bitter Drop and anzu is one of the main NPCs; there's a short demo up, i'm working on a longer one rn:

Awesome, I'll check out the demo! Do you have any estimates on when that game will be out/the price raised?

not at the moment! game should be out anywhere between the end of 2018 and the end of 2020, hopefully!

I, uh, hope author knows what "mogila" means in Slavic languages.

Otherwise good game with very curious setting.


given i'm fluent in russian, i do know! the choice of name was deliberate.


Ну тогда жду продолжения:)